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Kingston upon Hull

Kingston upon Hull

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About the Church

Why not come and see for yourself the many unique and fascinating features this jewel of Hull has to offer. Here are just a few to whet your appetite...

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Holy Trinity has a fine ring of 15 bells.(see the details of the bells) For information about the bell ringers please follow this link bell_ringing

Or A new chime sounds from Holy Trinity 


  On Saturday 5th March 2011 the St Paul's Cathedral Guild bell ringers rang  a peal of 5060 Stedman Cinques to celebrate 60 years of bellringing by our steeple keeper, David Stipetic. Below is a picture of the ringers. 

 Click on image for larger version

and also a picture of the Holy Trinity ringers making a presentation to David to mark the occasion 

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the_choir.jpgThe church has a strong choral tradition.

 A choir website is under construction.



Friday 5.30pm - Boys' and Girls' Choir

Friday 7.30pm - Adult Choir

For more information about the work of the music department, please contact our Director of Music Serena Derrett on 07958 438596 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   

The Font PDF Print E-mail

14th Century Coralloid Marble FontThe beautifully carved coralloid marble font, which is still in use, stands at the west end of the church and dates from around 1380. William Wilberforce, MP for Hull and pioneering abolitionist of the slave trade, is one of many to have been baptised here.

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Stained Glass - A Close Up of Saint AnthonyThere are many outstanding examples of stained glass work throughout the church. What Holy Trinity lacks in medieval glass, it more than compensates for in a rewarding range of Victorian and 20th Century glass of the highest quality.

Memorials, Plaques and Pictures PDF Print E-mail
Thomas Ferres MemorialHoly Trinity houses many interesting stones, plaques and memorials to significant players in the city’s history, a few commissioned, inspected (and in one case even sculpted) by those in question before they died!

To view a list of these memorial see this INDEX

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harvest_featival.jpgThe LecternThe Choirthumb_nave_from_pulpit.jpg
The Organ PDF Print E-mail

Organ PipesA rare and world-renowned organ, the instrument is unchanged since it was rebuilt by John Compton in 1937-38 though the oldest parts are 18th century. At 104 speaking stops and over 4000 pipes, it is the largest parish church organ in the UK. Come to a recital or a service to experience its inspiring sound. 


   This version of the Star Wars theme was performed as a request at a wedding

Weird and Wonderful Wood PDF Print E-mail

Lincoln ImpThe fine oak carvings on the nave pew ends date from the 1840’s and were fashioned by local craftsman George Peck, famed for introducing “fine arts” to colonial Australia. The medieval style carvings contain many weird and wonderful sculptures including animals, different faces, green men and a Lincoln Imp. Genuine medieval pew ends can be found in the chancel.

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